Feel awkward in front of the camera? It's okay!

Most of our couples tell us that the last time they took professional photos was in senior year of high school. Even more of our couples tell us that they have never taken photos together either. And that's okay! We do not expect our couples to be professional models. What we will do however is guide you throughout the session to make sure that your true, genuine selves show through the lens. We love to have fun during our photo shoots and we want you to have fun too! So be awkward, laugh a little (or a lot), be silly and just have fun. We promise you won't regret it!

See the resources below for some tips on being in front of the camera!

Tips and Tricks

Tell us your story!

Take time to chat with your photographer beforehand and share how you and your partner met. This is a great way for us photographers get to know your love story and helps us know what makes you tick.

How should I act while on camera?

Treat your engagement session or your wedding like a date night. Plan a nice dinner date afterwards for your engagement session! Have fun! Use movement, laugh, talk to your partner. When in doubt, ignore the camera and just show us your love for each other.

Location, Location, Location!

Choose a location for your session that makes you feel comfortable. A busy cafe might not be the best place to go if you tend to be shy in front of a crowd. A quiet river bank at sunset or a vacant roof top might be a better setting.

How should I prepare for my shoot?

Prepare for your photoshoot by doing things you love. Spoil yourself by getting your hair/nails done, wear a cute outfit or even have a glass of wine before your shoot! Anything that makes you feel relaxed is key! Eating a nourishing meal beforehand is also pretty important. No one wants to be photographed hangry!

What should I wear?

Choose outfits that make you feel good about yourself and highlight your favorite qualities! For example, if you want to highlight your eyes, wear a color that compliments your eye color. Or if you love your legs, wear a dress that shows them off with killer heals!

Something else to note, is to dress for the location. If your session has a chic/city vibe, wear elegant clothing (heals, dress, suit jacket etc). Texture, movement of the garments and patterns are essential. See our style guide on the client only access page to help you choose outfits!

Should we do an engagement session?

The number one way to feel comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day is to plan an engagement session. It’s a great opportunity to get to know us better and see how we work. It also allows you and your partner to practice being photographed. 100% of the time, our couples are so relieved at how much fun they had and feel more prepared for their wedding day.

Cori & Matt's story

"Kindred Light did our engagement and wedding photos and honestly both experiences were phenomenal. They go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable and make the experience a good one."