Family Photos and How to Survive them!

Family portraits are some of the most important photos of your wedding day. They can also be the most stressful. Let's talk about how to make them more enjoyable!

our approach

Most couples will do formal family portraits right after the ceremony; typically in or near the ceremony space. As soon as the ceremony is over, take a moment to soak it all in! We will usually begin family photos about 10 minutes after the ceremony has ended.

Some tips:

  1. Long before your ceremony (possibly during your rehearsal dinner), let everyone know who will be apart of your family photos to STAY in the ceremony space. Many of your guests will rush to cocktail hour and it is very important that the individuals who are in the family photos do not go to cocktail hour right away.
  2. Create a list of family members with whom you would like to take photos. We highly recommend that you keep the list small and only include immediate family and grandparents (See column to the right).

Download the formal family list below!

After your ceremony, we will use your formal family portrait list to commence your family photos. You can download the template HERE. Once finished, send it to us at

If you have any questions, remember we are always here for you!


Maggie and Amber